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Best Yarns For Knitting a Scarf

5 Best Yarns To Use For Knitting a Scarf

Choosing the best yarn for your next scarf-knitting project may be full of confusion. However, with the best crochet wool in Quebec, you make the most out of it. Famous for its range of products, Artfil is here to provide you with the best options possible with several yarns out there on the market.

The type and design of a scarf equally contribute to the decision-making while selecting a yarn. So, let’s check out the 5 best yarns to use for knitting a scarf:


Wool is probably the most famous yarn for anyone in winter. The best quality hand knitting wool of Quebec can be found from Artfil. Wool can keep you cozy and warm in the harshest of winters, as they are a natural fiber. It is a kind of yarn, which maintains its shape even after washing. It is easy to manage and woolen scarves are one of the most sold winter apparel.


Cashmere also falls under the category of wool. This yarn is derived from Cashmere goats, and hence it is quite expensive. It is a super soft material and gives you a warm feeling. It is one of the best materials you can use while making your next scarf. Another reason for its high cost is it takes a lot of time for the fibers to get extracted. Well, this is a material, which needs good care as these are wool from goats and are less strong than sheep wool.


This yarn is a mixture of 80% superwashed merino wool and 20% Nylon. It is round and cabled spurn in structure. The most beneficial factor is this is a type of fabric, which can be washed both with hands and in a machine. It needs to be washed with cold water only and without any bleach. For your scarf to remain intact, try to dry it flat.

Mericana DK

Mericana DK is 100% super washed merino wool. With its versatility in many winter clothing, this yarn is famous forits rugged nature. Washing with hands only in cold water is highly recommended whenever you are using this yarn for making your scarf. The best knitting kits in Quebec can gear you up with the best-in-class materials for making your scarf knitting project a successful one.

Colour Bundle

If you are looking for something, which can be a bit informal yet trendy, then this yarn is the best for your next scarf. With the composition of 20% Nylon and 80% Merino Superwash Wool, this yarn is basically a color bundle that comes with a braid of 6 colors that are close to each other in look. This result in a gradient-textured look once knitting your scarf is complete.

Knitting a scarf depends on various other factors such as length, breadth, and diameter. To assist you in every inch of your knitting project, Artfil is offering its range of products for making your knitting experience a memorable one.