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5 Easy Finger Knitting Projects without Using Needles

Knitting is always associated with needles and accomplishing the same without the most important tool is a surprise. Even if you are a beginner and find using needles a tad difficult to handle, we have brought together the 5 easiest projects that will provide you with the same therapeutic feeling as knitting with needles. Before embarking upon a new journey, you must also make sure to source the right materials with which you knit.

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Baby Booties

Baby booties are probably one of the cutest pieces of clothing that one can set their eyes on. If you want to attempt daring results with simple finger knitting, we suggest you start with this. You can do wonders with embroidery and thread details with this technique. Also, it makes for the best-personalized gift for a new mother and her child. The process is to make finger knots on the top using blanket-stitched felt soles.


Who does not like a colorful display of rugs in their homes? A woven rug is a complicated finger knitting technique but completely work it! You can also engage your child in this project and open their horizons to new hobbies. Rugs are not only an element in your own home but can also make for a useful and thoughtful gift for friends and family. With Christmas just around the corner, you can give this project thought.


Another piece of clothing accessory that is worn by all, you can create your own by simply attaching rows of finger knitting rows over each other during the knitting course. A finger knit border adds a sense of homegrown feeling to the scarf.


Linen baskets are fun to make. The technique entails you attach finger kitting into a spiral web. This is one of the easiest of them all and also reversible so that you can use both sides of the basket. Linen baskets are very useful in any household and also be a great gift.

Octopus Toy

Attached finger knitting can be a little difficult to grasp because of the repetitive, uniform steps. But nothing is impossible of course. However, if you are looking for something simpler for your kids, a toy octopus is the best option. Make a whole family of finger-woven octopuses and see the child’s face brighten up with joy. Can you think of anything cuter than this? Also, play with colors and fabrics to make the child exposed to a whole new creative learning.


One can use anything from wool to macramé or simple wire in their finger knitting projects. These options are just to start with but once you get a hang of it, you will discover a whole new world of intensive techniques and styles of finger knitting.