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Knit a Slip Stitch

6 Easy to Follow Steps for Learning How to Knit a Slip Stitch

Knitting a slip stitch can be overwhelming especially for beginners. In fact, making mistakes at the beginning of your journey is common and you should not be demotivated by it. We, at Artfil, are here to provide you with the knowledge as well as the resources to fulfill your new passion. From delivering the best wool yarn for knitting in Montreal to the best crochet wool in Quebec, anything you need we got it covered.

What is a slip stitch?

Also known as a ladder slip or an invisible ladder slip, it is a type of stitch that resides close to the seam. The specialty of a slip stitch is that you cannot see it after it is done. So, it is very useful for discreet stitching. Usually, they are used to mend a seam, close a lining, attach a binding, hem a garment, close a pillow cover, and many more. It is only a matter of time to hone the skill and from then on, it is easy.

What you will need

A mix of tools and materials is required for a slip stitch.

  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Instructions

Threading the Needle

The first step is to thread the needle and then tie a knot towards the end to make it more secure. You may also snip it under the knot so that about 1/4th of the thread tail is still remaining.


This step can be avoided but is the secret to achieving the best slip stitch. You have to fold the fabric you are using inside the closure so that it matches the seam. Make an even fold by pressing with an iron. Any frayed thread must be discarded to create a flat and clean area for the stitch.

Hiding the Knot

Hiding the knot secures the thread and keeps it hidden. After starting from a side of the closure, insert the needle in a fold without coming out of the fabric. Then bring the needle to the middle of the closure and keep pulling the thread till the knot is completely hidden.

Starting the Slip Stitch

Start from the opposite fold of the knot and then insert the needle in the fold. The needle is then brought out about ¼ inch away from the initial insertion point. Do not catch any outside fabric during the process. 

Continue the Process

Keep making the stitches and work back and forth between folds. Keep going till you reach the end of the closure on the other side. The pattern of the thread resembles ladder rungs and hence, the name.

Knot the Thread

Knot the thread by inserting the needle through the thread loop created by folding and pulling the needle respectively.

The easy-to-follow steps will lead you to become a pro at it. You can always opt for our collection of different resources for knitting and sewing like wool yarn for knitting in Montreal and more and start your journey of the most therapeutic hobby and life skill.