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Circular Needles

A Complete Design Guide to Knitting with Circular Needles for Beginners

Beginners often find straight needles difficult to handle. Circular needles are easier to use and also comes with many advantages. Before you start your knitting journey with one of these needles, you must know these benefits for a more enjoyable experience. Before embarking upon the new experience, make sure to get a good wool yarn for knitting in Montreal or complete knitting kits in Quebec for the right tools and materials.

  • They are comfortable and convenient to work with and does not need turning at the end of each row
  • They have a short needle length. So they produce better body and arm positions for the person working on a design
  • It produces less pressure on the wrists because the weight of the work is distributed along the length
  • The cables are flexible and hence easy to carry. One may knit during traveling
  • They can be used for knitting undergarments without seams. This is one of the biggest advantages of circular needles

Knitting Process and Design

Passion for knitting is not just constricted to one style or design. Rather, people look for varieties in terms of techniques. Crochet wool Quebec and hand knitting yarn Quebec are just some of the classifications that people take an interest in their knitting journey. In terms of types, there are two types of circular needles that are available in the market:

  • Fixed- Here, both cable length and needle size are fixed
  • Interchangeable- Combination of changeable cable and length and needle size can be done according to the design or pattern


  • The first step is to cast on the stitches with the circular needle
  • It is now time to knit in the round. Closing the circle is very crucial in knitting to work along with continuous rounds

Basic Stitches

Some of the basic stitches that can be done with circular needles are:

  • Stockinette st- With a circular needle, one must work all the stitches including the rounds in a knit stitch
  • Garter st- Start with working the first round in knit stitch. The second round should be in purl stitch. Repeat the rounds
  • 2*2 Ribbing– Alternate between 2 knit and 2 purl stitches

Designs using Circular Needles


Using circular needles to stitch a hat is very common. It also increases the elasticity of the fabric in use. In the case of hats. The 2*2 ribbing technique can be used as a border.

Circular Pattern

The garter stitch is the best technique to practice any circular pattern. Not only is it easy to hone but the finished product displays craftsmanship, accuracy, and symmetry in its design.

Furry Accessories

Faux far is used extensively in fashion. So, for the advanced knitters, making furry accessories with circular needles can be a new challenge.

Knitting is a creative art form that has been passed down through generations. Although knitting has many techniques, the use of circular needles has opened new scopes in terms of design and manufacturing. Even if you want to make something of sentiment for your loved ones, designs with circular needles are the best for conveying your love and gratitude.