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best quality yarn

A simple guide to choosing the best quality yarn for your project or work

Many of you have faced the same issue: standing in front of the store and cannot decide which one would be the best quality for your knitting project. Of course, it is almost impossible: for everyone to have adequate knowledge about the quality, weight, and colors of yarn.

So, let’s begin with the definition of yarn. Yarn is a textile primarily made of either animal-based fiber or plant-based fibers or synthetic fibers. Animal-based fibers are mainly sheep wool, mohair, angora. Plant-based fibers include Cotton, silk, and hemp, and synthetic fiber includes (polyester, nylon, and rayon). The interlocked fibers also referred to as plies are spun together to make thicker strands. However, the ply count depends on the following things-

Categories of weight:

  • Categories 0:

This is the lightest of all categories. It is primarily used for making laces and other very light-weighted designs. So, you have to be gentle with such yarns to avoid any breakage or tangles.

  • Categories 1, 2, and 3

It is a little heavier than category 0, usually used to knit hats, gloves, and garments for babies. You again have to be very careful with it while using it. ArtFil is sufficiently selling the best Wool Yarn for Knitting in Montreal

  • Category 4:

It is one o the most popular yarns among knitters. It is usually used to make Scarves, Sweaters, mufflers, and mittens.

  • Categories 5 and 6:

These are heavily weighted materials. The project or work is usually done with a thick needle. This type of yarn is processed to make blankets, scarves, and chunky. Category 5 and 6 yarns are always good to start with for beginners. Larges stitches, loose-knit is quite easier to do.

Most common fibers 

  • Wool:

Wool is spun from the fleece of sheep and is one of the most used yarns. Because of its durability and, moisture, it is mainly used to make winter wear. It is naturally creamy white but therefore can be dyed with different colors. The fibers from the wool are prone to peel over time. However, it depends on the quality of it. ArtFil provides the best Wool yarn for Knitting in Montreal.  To be noted that crochet and knitting both use needles and hook to manipulate the loops and create items like sweater hats and toys. We are also making Best Crochet Wool in Quebec so that we match the expectations of our customers.

  • Cotton:

This is naturally a plant-based fiber. It is fairly inexpensive. As it is very smooth, it is difficult to work with. You need hands-on expertise for the stitch work.

  • Silk :

It is the oldest yarn. It is man-made. Moreover, the elasticity is very strong and it cannot hold the warmth. So, it is mainly worn in summer. And yes, it gets aged over time.

If you want a good quality yarn with Knitting Kits in Quebec, our ArtFil is the most trusted destination for your purchase.