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Can a colour be delicious?

Quebec and the entire Acadian territory is a place with many one-of-a-kinds characteristics and particular to the region charms. I love living here, surrounded by traditions keepers with open hearts and minds. It may sound contradiction, but here people managed to combine it in a unique way.




If someone asks me for a Quebec signature tradition, probably the first thing I will think about is.. Cabane à Sucre! Then the rest of the attractive local customs will roll up, but this sweet indulgence served in a rustic, old-fashioned manner stolen my heart at my arrival here and left a delightful footprint in my soul.
For those unfamiliar with the tradition, here are some useful links:
What is a Sugar Shack?
30 most popular Sugar Shack in Quebec.
Explorer Québec.
Colour inspiration may arise from literally everything! The sweet path of hot maple syrup drawn on fresh fluffy snow is just that – pure inspiration.

The Masterpiece collection is all about particularity! Because the colours have personality, spirit and influence. I hope you like and enjoy our colours, the way we love making it!