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Find Your Fade colour choice and combination

Colour combo: Light between oceans

Part of my work is to advise and help people choose colour combinations for their projects with ARTFIL yarns. I had hundreds of discussions on how to chose colour combinations for shawls and wraps during our trunk shows and festivals. I have discussed as well colour selections for the popular Find your Fade shawl pattern by Andrea Mowry over the last 2 months. This eye-catching, must be casted-on piece of knitted fabric is gaining popularity with the speed of wildfire.

The Find your Fade challenge

Official picture by the designer Andrea Mowry

The almost blanket size wrap is asymmetrical triangle with easy to beginner- intermediate stitch pattern. Featuring the idea of gradually growing, faint and disappearing colours. In fact, the evanescing of the colours and blending against contrast are the hallmark of this design. The actual challenge is the game you have to play with colours to achieve the particular effect of the designer’s sample.

The clever design requires only 3-4 skeins of fingering weight yarn (sock yarn) opposite to the majority believe that it takes all 7 skeins!  The seven colour combo is what the designer used for the sample. She mentions in the description that you can use whatever number of shades you like, however we like the idea of “seven”!

Fade? What is it all about?

Just placing together your favourite colours won’t have the particular side effect of dematerialisation we see on the official image. The designer makes a point on that in the description: Look for nuances that can be seen from one color to the next.

Colour combo: Spring

Willing to see how colours lose their edges moving from one to another drove you to use highly variegated or speckled colours. Saying that the splattered yarns play a significant role in giving a mosaic look of the shawl. On the other hand, overusing them will create so-called colour personality swallowing. This will create unpleasant, often unwearable mess of colours at the end.

Combo: The secret garden

We are working on new variegated colours that will work great for this shawl. Meanwhile, we are offering you some colour ideas, combining part of the ARTFIL regular colours and some of the Masterpiece collection shades.

Colour combo: The treasure hunter

Hope you like the combos! Someone may find his fade among them ;)

Few colour combos available for purchase trough Etsy.