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knitting and crocheting

How do knitting and crocheting folks prevent the yarn from splitting into the needles and hooks?

It gets really annoying when you are trying to give your best shot knitting and crocheting and the yarn keeps splitting all the time. Most of the knitters and crocheters would agree on the matter even if they are well seasoned with their craft. Artfil, being the biggest provider of high-quality wool, yarns, and Knitting Kits in Quebec; our agency thrives to help everyone who is trying to improve their skills. Here are 5 effective tips to avoid the problem of splitting.

  • Choose the right yarn

Whether you are knitting or crocheting, yarn is the most important material to be concerned about. Before purchasing any yarn, check its thickness, twist style, and the number of plies to find the relevant yarn for the task. These elements help to determine how much splitting can be expected during the process. It is evident that lesser plies mean lesser serration of the strands that formed the yarn. We offer Hand Knitting Wool in Quebec is perfect for all kinds of knitters. We also offer the Best Crochet Wool in Quebec that fits the purpose perfectly.

  • Bigger and more effective kits

Choosing the right kit is also crucial since it is going to stay with you for years. Knitting needles and crochet hooks, both come in different sizes and shapes to help every individual. However, it is proven that the bigger the hooks and needles are, the lesser chances of splitting occur. Small and pointy kits tend to stab your yarn and split it in half. Bigger and blunter kits can help you pull and grab the yarn without damaging it.

  • Take enough time

Let’s be honest here! Knitting and crocheting are one of the most time-consuming processes that require patience and attention. If you move a little slow for every stitch and carefully handle the yarn each time; there will be no chance of splitting. However, when you’re busy with a lot of projects; it is fairly impossible to invest that much time. So, the key lies in practice and getting swifter as well as faster.

  • Use the opposite end

The splitting mainly occurs due to the untwisting of yarns during the process. The woolen yarns are formed by twisting multiple plies of yarn together. It can get split if you are working against the direction of the twist. Using the opposite end is the right choice here as it will not make it untwist, instead, the make the bond stronger among the plies.

  • The material of the yarn

You might not believe but the quality and the material of the yarn play a vital role in splitting. Cheap and synthetic materials loosen up sooner since the bond between the plies is weaker. On the other hand, woolen and organic-based yarns contain natural fibers that naturally stick and prevent from splitting during the process.

Looking forward to purchasing high-quality knitting yarns, needles, hooks, and Crochet Wool in Quebec? Welcome to Artfill. Visit to know more.