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knitting yarn for your baby

How to select the ideal knitting yarn for your baby?

When you are knitting a special piece of clothing for your little one, it is important that it is comfortable for them to wear. Babies have sensitive skins and a hard or rough quality material could really hurt their skin. You have to make sure the clothing is safe and comfy for your baby. That is why the type of yarn you choose for your knitting project is very important. You can find the best quality and natural fiber yarn only at Artfil at highly affordable prices. Here is the list of things that will help you choose the best yarn for your baby:

Yarn fiber

The quality of the fiber that you use for knitting makes all the difference. A fiber that looks good and snuggly might not feel that good on the skin. Do your research properly before selecting the right yarn for your baby’s clothes. The best fibers for baby clothes are cotton, acrylic, bamboo fabric, and Merino wool. Check whichever is the softest and go for that one. We have the best quality Merino superwash wool yarns that are perfect for your baby’s comfort.

Yarn weight

Babies like to wiggle and their clothing is supposed to be lightweight to fit their wiggling. Clothes made out of heavy yarns can be too restrictive for babies. So you must choose a lightweight yarn that makes the baby clothing much easier to move around. But if your baby is a bit older, you can go for the heavier yarns to make winter jackets to layer up on the coldest days.

Washing instructions

Babies are messy. They get their clothes dirty and stained all the time. So baby clothes need to be washed more than usual. If you want to save the clothing from getting damaged from the frequent washes, you need to select a durable yarn for the knitting. They should be machine washable and quick-drying as well. We have a huge collection of high-quality and durable hand knitting wool in Quebec on our website.


The color of the yarn depends on the taste of the creator. In the early days, baby knitting yarns used to come in just pale pastel colors. But now the yarns come in multiple bright colors that brighten up the mood. At Artfil we have a wide range of yarns that come in various unique and vibrant colors.


What type of yarn you choose depends on the project you are working on. If you are making regular woolen clothes you should go for regular knitting wool. But if you have crochet in mind, it is recommended that you select the best crochet wool in Quebec. You should research which type of yarn is best for which project before you start knitting.

Apart from the high-quality knitting yarns, we have a massive collection of all types of knitting kits in Quebec. You can get the best knitting experience with our yarns and knitting tools.