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Stranded knitting

Improve your skills of stranded knitting with some handy methods

Stranded knitting is one of the most fun parts of knitting which helps to bring more color to your creativity. The reason why it is called stranded knitting is that it is being weaved with a loose strand or float. There are many easy techniques of stranded knitting that refines the knitting and pours more color into it. Knitting Kits in Quebec can help to create wonderful designs in knitting, crochet, and woolen material.


Floats are the unused yarn that stays across the back of work while the process is ongoing. These stranded pieces can be knitted only if they are in the perfect length. The length of the float is crucial since if it gets too big or too short, the finished product will appear unsatisfactory and not wearable.

How to maintain the length?

Before starting any work, it is important to work with the right kind of yarn to get the best result as desired. Best Crochet Wool in Quebec can be found with the help of Artfil. The stitch on the right needle should be spread out before changing color in order the get the exact length. The strands should maintain the wideness of the previous round to continue with. Work on the first stitch with new color and follow the pattern. Do not pull the yarn to keep the float nicely aligned.

Even after practice, if the strand stays too short; don’t worry and try to stitch it with the wrong side out to maintain the circumference of the product. In this way, the work will not pucker but maintains its comfortable shape.

Stranded Knitting Methods

It is quite therapeutic and requires a lot of patience and attention. However, it is no rocket science, and learning a few basic methods can help you create mesmerizing knitting patterns. The available Wool Yarn for Knitting in Montreal is the best in quality and makes knitting easier with its smooth texture.

One hand – One yarn Stranded knitting requires holding one color in each hand whether it is right or left. In the English method, this is known as throwing and in the Continental method, it is called picking.

What is the English Method?

It is the usual method where the yarn stays in the right hand and the right needle is stitched into the left stitch. Then it is rotated around the right needle and put in the middle of two to complete one weave. When a line is done, pull the new stitch through the old one and drop it from the needle to complete it. Knitting Wool in Montreal is best in color, texture, and apt for the method.

What is Continental Method?

Tension is the key factor of this method which is supposed to be maintained by the left hand. Usually, the yarn is wrapped around the index finger to maintain tension and stitch with the right needle while wrapped counter-clockwise. Drop the old stitch after completing the new one and it is done.