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Jane Austen Shoulder Warmer



Shoulder Warmer (Bulky version)

This is a short cape (shoulder warmer) inspired by Jane Austen romantic novels.
It takes just 1 skein of any bulky/chunky yarn (at least 100 yards) and features invisible increases.  Gauge is not important, due to the ribbed full circle.

Update: The pattern is easily adaptable. It was knitted with 2 sizes larger needle, than the yarn originally asks for. Same rule apply for any other yarn if you want it airy-light and stretchy.
In case you want to knit with worsted weight and the label ask for 4.5mm (US 7) go with US 9 (5.5mm) needle.

  1. For every needle size down, add 3 stitches when cast-on.
    If using US 9, CO 56 + (2 sizes down x3 stitches) = 62 sts.
  2. For every needle size down knit one more row at the beginning (originally knit 4 rows)
  3. As many needle size down repeat as many times following rows: 10 and 11, 18 and 19, 30 and 31

Size: One size fits most
Baby Alpaca Hand Paint
(100% Baby Alpaca; 100m/100g), 1 skein, Shown in 514 Raspberry Coulis.
NEEDLES: US #11/8mm needles, or size to obtain gauge
GAUGE: 14 sts = 4” over Garter Stitch
k: knit
p: purl
k2tog: knit 2 sts together
YO: yarn over
M1: make one (Insert the left needle from front to back into the horizontal strand between the two stitches: Knit the stitch through the back loop).
kfb: knit into the front and back of same stitch
st(s): stitch(es)
WS: wrong side
RS: right side
[] repeat instructions in brackets, until 4 stitches left on your left hand needle

Cast-on 56 sts.
Knit 4 rows.
Row 5 RS (buttonhole row): k2, YO, k2tog, [k2, kfb]* , k4
Row 6 WS: k4, [k2,p2], k4
Row 7: k4, [M1, k2, p2], k4
Row 8: k4, [k2, p3], k4
Row 9: k4, [k3, p1, kfb], k4
Row 10: k4, [k3, p3], k4
Row 11: k4, [k3, p3), k4
Row 12: k4, [k3, p3), k4
Row 13: k4, [M1, k3, p3), k4
Row 14: k4, [k3, p4), k4
Row 15: k4, [k4, p2, kfb), k4
Row 16: k4, [k4, p4), k4
Row 17 (buttonhole row): k2, YO, k2tog, [k4, p4]* , k4
Row 18: k4, [k4, p4), k4
Row 19: k4, [k4, p4), k4
Row 20: k4, [k4, p4), k4
Row 21: k4, [k4, p4), k4
Row 22: k4, [k4, p4), k4
Row 23: k4, [k4, p4), k4
Row 24: k4, [k4, p4), k4
Row 25: k4, [M1, k4, p4], k4
Row 26: Bind-off loosely
Sew buttons
This pattern takes exactly 1 skein of the suggested yarn. If you want it wider
(overlapping the shoulders) , attach second ball of yarn and continue as follow:
Row 26 to row 28: k4, [k4, p5), k4
Row 29 (buttonhole row): k2, YO, k2tog, [k5, p3, kfb]* , k4
Row 30 to row 34 (or desired length): k4, [k5, p5), k4
Bind-off loosely.
Shoulder warmer