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add a new yarn

Know how to add a new yarn when knitting in the round in 4 simple ways

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out you don’t have enough yarn to finish while knitting. However, when knitting in the round, you can always add a ball of new yarn by simply joining them. Being a leading agency in the market, Artfil offers eco-friendly Hand Knitting Wool in Quebec which is perfect for all kinds of knitting.

Knitting in the round has a major benefit of a very little yarn waste but it requires joining the yarn perfectly. Here are some simple methods of joining yarns that can help you out.

Basic Joining Method

This is perhaps not the best alternative and it is easy enough to implement. In this method, the ends are left open which need to be woven later. If the method is followed correctly, you can change to yarn at any point of your knitting and it will not be visible on the right side after the completion of the work.

Weaving Method

The weaving method requires the end of yarn on the wrong side of the fabric so the woven part does not catch attention when worn. The end tails are woven by a seaming needle on the wrong side by putting the needle under the purl bumps or stitches. Maintaining it for at least 4 stitches makes sure it is tightly woven. You can do it in the reverse direction as well which offers a secondary check. In the end, stretch the product to make sure the fabric offers a smooth and seamless feeling. At Artfil, you are able to get a huge range of Knitting Kits in Quebec that can help you proceed with these methods.

Spit Splice Method

It is one the most important methods of joining in the case of plied yarns that consists of a little ‘toothiness’. The method follows a few simple steps, and here they are –

  • Keep at least 6 inches of remaining in your old yarn and untwist the plies till 4 inches. Then cut half of the plies. Similar goes for the new yarn as well.
  • Overlap the two ends on your palm and add a little saliva to it. Perhaps it sounds a little uncomfortable for some knitters but saliva contains organic protein that binds the fibers together better than water.
  • Rub them finely until the two yearns become one.

Russian Join Method

This method is apt for the yarn that is not good with splicing and other methods. It follows as,

  • Keep 6 inches remaining in the old yarn and use a seaming needle to weave through its plies.
  • Pull the needle out and create a primary loop. Similarly goes for the new yarn only this time the secondary loop needs to insert into the primary loop.
  • Pull them together and they joined firmly.

However, Artfil offers the Best Crochet Wool in Quebec, which allows you to take advantage of the aforementioned ways.