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wool yarn for knitting in Montreal

Shop at Artfil this holiday season for the best quality knitting wool in Montreal

If you’re looking for high-quality yarn, which is eco-friendly and hand-painted, Artfil is where you should be. The reputed website offers the best quality hard-knitting wool in Quebec that is carefully selected with special twists. If you love knitting with varieties of yarn, you’re in the right place!

The company aims to make yarn online shopping accessible and easy.

What are you looking for?

  • Belle (90 colors)
  • Solo
  • Ombre- 100% Merino (16 colors)
  • 100% Merio
  • Color Bundle (14 colors)
  • Mericana DK (78 colors)
  • Chalet (19 colors)
  • Aran
  • Sweater (79 colors)
  • Halo (1 color)
  • Sofia (2 colors)

You can also purchase the Kit sets:

  • Shawl KIT (4 variants)
  • Yarn KIT 4 Skeins (1 variant)
  • Mojave Socks KIT (15 variants)
  • Shawl KIT (2 variants)
  • Yarn KIT (4 variants)

There are a lot of types and a lot of different users and so the website wants to offer a little bit of everything. Are you a beginner who’s just starting with wool yarn for knitting in Montreal? Great! They have got a product line for it. Or are you looking for something more dramatic and beautiful? Well, the website features a wide spectrum of yarn that fits your budget.

Do you want something funky and wild that is out there?

They have a limited Disney yarn edition. Are you a fan of Lion King or more into fairytale characters like Cruella or Cinderella? No matter what it is, they can get it ready for you!

Allow them 3-5 business days to dye and prepare for shipping, and they’ll do their best to get it ready for you! If you’re looking to find the finest quality knitting wool in Montreal, look no further.

Learn to knit with their trusty digital pattern knit guide. Written carefully to introduce you to the various types of knitting stitches like:

  1. Knit Stitch

If you’re a newbie, the knit stitch is your bestie! It is simple and produces a flexible and sturdy material that won’t curl. Buy the best crochet wool in Quebec from Artfil and get started on your knitting adventure.

  • Purl Stitch

Now that you’ve mastered the knit stitch, get your purl on! It is simply the reverse of the subtle knit stitch. Purl and Knit collectively make up for the stocking stitch or the combined stitches.

  • Slip Stitch

This involves a slick technique of passing the needle without actually knitting it. This is mainly used for creating decorative projects.

  • Seed Stitch

This is a much-loved knitting style because of its rich textured fabric. This is perfect for accessories and is a good alternative for collars and cuffs.

  • Stocking Stitch

This is the most used knitting style out of all and creates the smoothest fabric.

Shop and place your order today.

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  • Payment in both CAD and USD
  •  Free Shipping for all orders of 6 skeins & above