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Shop at small independent businesses this holiday season!

I love making gifts, and the Christmas season is like a fairy tale for me. Planning the perfect holiday, browsing and choosing the perfect meaningful gifts, listening Christmas songs… it all makes it magical. And, you know, it is twice more exciting now than ever! Several years ago I made a decision about how I want to spend my hard earned dollars and what impact I want to make. I realised that buying at small businesses makes my purchases meaningful and twice more appreciated. As a small business owner myself, I know exactly why.

  1. Because I make someone happy! A small independent business is run by real people, most of the cases by a family – not by boards and business algorithms. When you buy from someone like me, be sure, this person dance a happy dance because you choose his/her product!
  2. Because it makes sense! Small business owners care! Unlike the superstores, small business people create a product/service that is a reflection of themselves. Chances are the person behind the counter is someone who actually made what you are buying, someone who cares more about giving you a quality product or service, over just taking your money.
  3. Because I get a good, old-fashioned personal service! Nothing can beat that! Small business owners learn about their repeat customers needs and preferences, often creating special items, personalised service or just staying open late just for you.
  4. Because I support someone’s dream! To become an independent business owner or self-employed person takes courage, real passion, and dedication.
  5. Because of the personal experience! When we buy from independent businesses, we are buying a product with a soul, with a story behind it. A story about how a hand-crafted bowl was made, or the inspiration for a hand-dyer’s work. Things like this make our transactions so more meaningful.
  6. Because supporting small businesses is supportingthe community.
  7. Because it is ART!
  8. Because it makes me feel GOOD!
ARTFIL is an independent small business!