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Artfil`s Take It All color combo

Take It All Shawl – Colour choice

It is the day two since I can actually sit and do anything else than dyeing and packaging yarn for the last two months! Not that  I am complaining, but knitting peacefully at the end of the day while watching a favourite series was my way to relax and missed it a lot!
I was painting yarn and dreaming of casting on my next project. I thought will be impossible to choose one of the dozen beautiful patterns catching my eyes. But when the time to wind the yarn for a project came, only one stood out and couldn`t be ignored.

This is the shawl Take It All by Lisa Hannes. Pure Laine etc., one of our retailers offer it  as a Kit ready to knit with colour choices to suit any taste.
You can purchase it at:

Colourful, beautifully shaped and easy, but not boring! The shawl is all about colours! This piece of fabric will look completely different by changing just the sequence of the chosen colours!

The pattern calls for Fingering weight yarn, so it will be with Artfil BELLE in 1 main colour and 8 contrast colours.

Here is my palette for this project

Artfil`s Take It All color combo
Artfil`s Take It All color combo

Now I can go and knit! Yay!