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knitting sweaters

The advantage and disadvantages of knitting sweaters with old and used yarns

Using used yarns to knit a new sweater or any type of woolen wear is a very old practice that was done during the great depressions around the world. While it is not a bad practice it used to be done when there was a scarcity of knitting materials. With industrial development, there is an opulent supply of knitting yarns that you can use to knit your sweaters. Canada’s leading yarn supplier Artfil offers a massive collection of different types and qualities of knitting wool in Quebec that are perfect for your every knitting project. We prioritize the quality of their products making sure all our customers are satisfied with their knitting results.

Why reuse of yarns matters in modern time?

Most people reuse wool yarns to knit new sweaters to be frugal. They do not want to spend money to buy new wool when they can save money by knitting with old and used yarns. It has been in practice for hundreds of years. The biggest reason why still people continue to practice knitting with old and used yarns is to be more environment-friendly. Rather than buying new yarns for their new project, many unravel the old woolen attires that they do not use anymore and use the wool to make new ones. Also, yarns made of artificial wool are extremely bad for the environment. Our yarns at Artfil are made of organic Merino wool and are completely eco-friendly.

Advantages of using old yarns for knitting

Though most people use new yarns to knit their sweaters and other woolen items, some still like to reuse their old yarns. Here are some of the benefits of knitting with used yarns:

  • Unraveling your old woolen items and using them to knit new items will help you clean the clatter of old things that you do not use anymore.
  • You will be contributing to the environment by not adding more woolen waste to the world.
  • You will be able to save a lot of money by buying new yarns.
  • Old and used yarns are the best crochet wool in Quebec.

Disadvantages of using old yarns for knitting

Old and used yearns are not the first choice for knitting most of the time. Here are the reasons why people prefer new yarns over used-ones:

  • When you knit with used yarns your sweaters look dull and unappealing as the material is old.
  • Old and used woolen threads are more fragile and tend to get torn easily.
  • Sweaters made with used yarns are not very durable and less suitable for daily use.
  • It takes a lot of effort to unravel an entire woolen garment and bring the threads to a usable state.
  • It is hard to use old yarns with knitting kits in Quebec.

The quality of the wool matters a lot if you are trying to create your dream project. Old or new, use the ones that suit your knitting project perfectly.