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yarn for your baby’s blankets

The best knitting yarn for your baby’s blankets and its benefits

Babies need blankets and there is no new mom who would not like to knit one herself. Baby blankets are the most popular gifts to give to a baby as well. Knitting baby blankets are so fun. But you have to be careful while choosing the yarn for your knitting. Babies have sensitive skin. The blanket has to be extremely soft and comfortable so it does not harm the baby’s skin. Canada’s leading Yarn making company Artfil has a huge collection of different types of yarns for knitting.

What is the best knitting wool for knitting or crocheting a baby blanket?

The wool collected from Merino sheep is the best material to knit a baby blanket. It is the softest and finest yarn in the world. It is a much better material than traditional wool. Merino superwash wool yarn is the most popular choice among knitters making baby clothes or blankets. Here are the reasons why merino wool is the best:

1. It’s soft

Merino wool is a lot softer than regular wool. A single fiber of Merino wool is ⅓ the diameter of human hair. When it touches and brushes up against the skin of the baby, it does not cause any irritation. It does not feel prickly and never itches. Babies love the feel of a blanket made of Merino wool. A blanket made out of Merino wool envelopes them with care and comfort, without causing any type of harm.

2. Washable

Baby blankets are needed to be washed very often. So, you need a fiber that is washable and dries out quickly. Merino yarns have a natural protective outré layer that does not allow the stain to be absorbed. At Artfil, we have the largest collection of hand knitting wool in Quebec that is made of superwash Merino wool. Being superwash, the yarns do not have the outside scales, which make them smoother and more washable.

3. Odor resistance

Blankets made out of Merino wool are odor resistant. They absorb all the odors caused by bacteria from your baby’s skin. They also help prevent the bacteria from building up further as well. It is the best material for baby clothes and blankets especially when you are traveling for hours with your baby. No matter how hot it is, your baby will free fresh all day long.

4. Warming

Merino wool has the power to cool your baby down in the summer and keep them warm in the winter. It is a very good temperature-regulating fiber that helps the body heat to be accumulated in air chambers. Merino wool yarn is also very easy to knit. You can find quality Knitting Kits in Quebecon our website.

Choosing the right material for your baby’s blankets is extremely vital. The wrong yarn can make your baby feel itchy and get a rash. Our yarns are also the perfect material for crochets. Visit our store for the best crochet wool in Quebec.