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yarns for hat knitting

The best types of yarns for hat knitting and their benefits

Winter is the season when you cannot function without a hat. Woolen hats are the most popular in this season. There are different kinds of yarns that people use to make hats. Most often struggle to select the best quality yarn for their hats. The answer to the question of which type of yarn is the best to knot hats depends on the type of hat you are making. You don’t have to worry about the yarns as you can find different types of yarns as per your needs and requirements at Canada’s leading yarn manufacturer and supplier Artfil. Here is the list of different types of hats and the best-suited yarn for them:

Basic winter hat

If you want to knit a basic winter hat with no extra features, you should select wool yarn for it. Basic winter hats are made for daily use. Wool is a very durable material and it is perfect for your everyday winter hat. It is highly breathable and keeps you warm in the harshest winters. You can either choose natural fiber yarn or acrylic ones for the hat. But hats made with natural yarn are much softer and offer an amazing feeling when worn. You can find real merino knitting wool in Montreal at our website Artfil.

Colorwork or fair isle hat

Both Colorwork and fair isle hats are extremely beautiful and very much in fashion all the time. You can different types of materials to knit hats of these kinds. You can choose wool to make it extra warm and if you want to wash it frequently, it’s best to go for acrylic. For less cold days you can select cotton or linen, which are lightweight, comfortable on the skin, and easily washable.

Baby hats

If you are knitting a hat for your little ones, it is best to select the most comfortable material, which is also easily washable. Children do not like to wear winter hats most of the time because it feels scratchy when the material is not soft enough. So, it is best to use cotton or fingering yarn in Quebec as it is super soft and non-itchy. hand knitting wool in Quebec is also very comfortable but they are not very washer-friendly. So, go for the superwash wool that is able to withstand machine wash.

Cable knit hat

Cable knit is a popular choice for winter hats. People like cabled hats because they are bulky and offer extreme warmth on the coldest winter days. Stay away from plants fibers like cotton, linen, or bamboo. Go for high-quality merino wool yarn for knitting in Montreal for your cable knit hats. Wool is the best choice for cabled hats as it offers a bulky feeling and excellent warmth against the winter. Wool yarns also boost the aesthetic of a cabled hat.

The material of your yarn can make a big difference in the quality of your hats. Be sure to choose the most comfortable material for hat knitting.