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knitting wool in Montreal

What Is Double Knitting Yarn And What Are Its Uses?

Yarn may be available in a variety of styles, textures, and sizes, but we have a special place in our hearts for double knitting wool in Montreal. It is often abbreviated to DK yarn. Lightweight enough to produce baby knits and comfortable enough to knit blankets, toys and clothes, double knitting yarn can be used year-round and is ideal for all sorts of projects. It is not fine that it takes light years to knit an inch but can still be used to create comfortable pieces for every season – there is a reason it is a favourite of knitters everywhere.

Double knitting yarn is a common medium-weight yarn that is at the lighter end of the medium yarns range. This means it is finer as compared to aran or chunky options but thicker than lace-weight yarn. Though double knitting is even the name of a knitting method, when we apply it to talk about yarn, we are referring to the thickness or weight of the yarn itself.

Double knitting yarn is described as an 8-ply thread that has between eleven to fourteen wraps per inch leading to approximately 200 – 250 meters per hundred grams. The recommended needle size is 3.75 – 4.5 mm to achieve a gauge range in stockinette stitches of between 21 – 24 stitches per four inches. It is the best, lightweight wool yarn for knitting in Montreal, which is usually a go-to for the majority of knitters for making lightweight or smaller garments, such as fingerless mitts or spring shawls.

Uses of Double Knitting Yarn

Whether you have stocked up on new double knitting yarn or have the entire knitting kits in Quebec that are crying out to be used, do not miss to try the following fun knitting patterns:

  • Make a knitted necklace

For a quick knit project to show off your knitting style, how about trying a necklace knitting pattern? You may need to do a quick test to check how large it comes out with double knitting yarn, but the results will be worth it. Plus, it knits up really act, so you can make it in an evening.

  • Knot animal baby hats

Baby knits are one of the most popular types of projects to make with double knitting yarns – you can get a lovely set of animal hat knitting patterns that are simply perfect for double knitting yarns.

  • Knit your own beer or phone cosy

Keep your favourite drinks cold and your hands warm with some fun beer cosy knitting patterns from a popular magazine. Try the free pattern today. Try your hand at knitting stripes from double knitting yarn with a fu glasses case knitting pattern.

Double knitting yarns will usually pill a lot less as well, and the high ply also makes sure that it will have a nice stitch definition, though it might give you several issues when trying to knit ribbings because the high weave will make the stitches roll out to the sides leaving the rib stitches open.

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