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acrylic yarn for knitting

What is the best acrylic yarn for knitting? Is good for the environment?

Knitters know it better that only skills cannot offer a good product unless the material is not good enough. Artfil can offer you the best kind of Hand Knitting Wool in Quebec which is great to create woolen items at an affordable cost. Being a leading agency in the field, we can guide you in opting for the best quality knitting yarn that suits the purpose.

Acrylic yarns come in several shades of colors and price ranges that make them a perfect fit for all kinds of knitters around the world. With its growing demand and beneficial features, most knitters prefer to work with acrylic yarns these days. It is also quite cheap which makes it perfect for beginners.


  • Acrylic yarns are not made of any animal-based product so any can use in their comfort
  • It is sturdier than the traditional yarns and stays intact for years with its original color and texture
  • Acrylic yarns are very reasonable and fit in every knitter’s budget and requirement
  • The synthetic material is light in weight and doesn’t soak excess moisture


  • It is essentially made with plastic and is not bio-degradable. So it is quite clear that the product is not eco-friendly and it cannot be a part of the sustainable fashion
  • Since it is made of plastic, it is prone to having a low melting point and can easily catch fire
  • The pigments used in yarn can contain carcinogenic elements that can be soaked by the skin

Knowing both sides of the coin will help you make a better decision while opting for the best yarn. At Artfil, you are able to purchase the best Knitting Kits in Quebec. The kits are perfect to knit all kinds of apparel and products. However, when it comes to choosing the right yarn; it should always be eco-friendly yarns that are the right choice for creating a greener future.

Why eco-friendly yarns are the next future everyone should rely on?

Almost every other industry is looking forward to integrating more sustainable options to reduce pollutants in nature in order to take a step towards a greener future. Sustainable fashion is revolving at the epitome of everyone’s attention with not only its eco-friendly features but aesthetics and reliability.

Features of earth-friendly yarns

  • Though it is made of animal-based products, no animal is killed during the extraction of wool. So it enables using organic elements from an animal without taking its life and the process goes on a loop.
  • Organic products are available all over the year and there is no scarcity of raw materials
  • It does not contain any synthetic elements or toxic pigments that can hurt the skin or enable any diseases
  • It is bio-degradable and does not create waste for the nature

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