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Knitting Kits

What types of yarns are best for your next knitting project in 2022?

Different types of fibers are spun together in two-ply or more to form a bundle. These yarns are used in knitting all over the world. The quality of your knitting depends on what kind of yarn you are using. Different projects require different types of yarns. To make sure you are using the right yarn for your knitting project, you need to must know about the various types of yarn used to create different types of garments. But not all types of yarns are used for knitting. Canada’s most popular yarn supplier Artfil has the largest collection of knitting yarns and Knitting Kits in Quebec.

Here are the most used knitting yarns available:


The most popular yarn for knitting is wool. It is the best fiber to make winter garments like sweaters, winter hats, mufflers, gloves, socks, and more. It can keep you warm in the harshest winter days in the coldest regions. Wool is used by most people because garments made of it last a very long time. It is a natural fiber and is best known for retaining its shape. It is very easy to watch and dry.


Merino is a type of wool that is acquired from a special breed of sheep, known as Merino sheep. It is swiftly becoming the most popular knitting yarn in the world because of the comfort it offers. It is very soft and garments made out of it are super comfortable to wear. Unlike regular wool, this material does not cause allergic reactions to some of the wearers. Get the best quality Merino Wool Yarn for Knitting in Montreal only at Artfil.


Cashmere is also a type of wool that is collected from Cashmere goats. This type of wool is very soft and feels great on the skin. These yarns are quite expensive as it takes a lot of time to extract the fiber. You need to take good care of this type of yarn and garment made from it as it is not as strong as sheep wool.


It is a plant-based fiber that is perfect for knitting clothes suited for all seasons. The fiber is extracted from cotton plants, which are mostly grown in warm regions. It is a very breathable material and keeps the body cool. There are lots of options when you are choosing cotton yarns for your knitting projects. This fabric is not suitable in the heavy winters.


It is the most-used yarn for knitting. It is made from a combination of plant-based and synthetic materials. Most people use polyester to knit garments because they are cheaper and easily accessible all over the world. Buy some Knitting Wool in Montreal to knit durable and shrink-free garments.

Knitters must use the best quality Hand Knitting Wool in Quebec to be successful at their knitting projects. Go for a reliable and reputed knitting yarn manufacturer and supplier to get your hands on the best quality materials.